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Following the completion of Saint-Martin’s “Of Errors & Truth”, it seemed interesting to compare it to a book written 120 years later, by Papus (Dr. GérardEncausse), in 1893.
While some of Papus’ works have been translated into English, there are still a few important books which have not. One of these is “Elementary Treatise on Practical Magic: Theory, Practice & Adaptation.”
It is a fascinating book, which not only covers many aspects of magic, including the inevitable rituals and descriptions of how to make equipment and incenses; but also attempts to introduce contemporary scientific theory on how and why magic works, particularly emphasizing Papus’ areas of personal interest – hypnotism, physiology, and neurology.

It is also a statement on the French esoteric landscape in the late 1900s and introduces us to a number of Orders and characters of the time, which are explored in extensive footnotes to better set the beliefs and currents of those times.

UPDATE: Well, the book mis finished and with the printers. As of December 7 the proof copies are being printed, and once I’ve approved them hopefully I can finally roll it out onto amazon.com and other bookstores. However, I can promise you, it will be worth the wait! Expect it out around December 15.